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Nature Tour: Here! The Silence!

Duration: 6-7 hours
Public transport
Tour Type:
Public transport, walking
Group size:
min. 2/ max. 10


Ask for a private tour! (Participants: min. 4, max 10 people)

Duration: Meeting at the Central Railway Station. The tour takes 6-7 hours. You will get detailed directions after your ticket purchase.

What is included: Regional public transport ticket, guide, snack, coffee, tea.

What to bring: Good shoes for walking, clothes according to the weather (maybe a sweater to put on by the campfire), water bottle, own snacks if needed.

Price: 65 € per person

Participants: max. 10 persons

Meeting place: Helsinki Central Station



Did you know that spending time in the nature does a lot of good things to your health already in 15 minutes?

The forest is a great place to achieve this, and here in Finland we have a lot of this kind of cure. Here! The Silence! is a relaxing nature tour. We travel to the nearest national park in the metropolitan area, the Nuuksio National Park. On the path we explore what it is like when there is nothing but trees and trees and yet again trees around.

Nature Tours

Nuuksio National Park is situated in about 50 minutes reach from Helsinki city center. We travel by train and bus and foot. There is about 3 kilometers easy walk in the forest.

During the walk we take a moment or two to relax and breathe with the help of some mindfulness exercises. After that we will enjoy coffee and snacks by a campfire (if no forest fire warning).


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