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Paikallinen opas

What would you like to experience, see or do while in Helsinki? Sometimes it is much nicer to take somebody with you to show the way. Hop´ n Shake Helsinki Tours local guides can arrange you different activities. Here are some examples:

Sauna Visit

You know – sauna is the heated room where you sit to enjoy the heat. Simple as that! But the first visit might feel so weird and you don´ t want to go alone. There are also so many different saunas in the area to choose from. We prefer to take you to somewhere special and authenthic, like sauna at a local sports hall, or experience the only wood heated public sauna in Helsinki, or even sauna in the Central Park. Duration: 1,5-4 hours

Gym or Yoga Class

Do you want to do some cardio training or yoga practise while traveling? Ask us to find you the most suitable gym or yoga studio to get you in shape. We can take you there and attend the event, if you wish so. Duration: negotiable

Evening Walk & Hang Out

Let´ s stroll down the streets of Helsinki, hop in the metro and hop out when it stops, have a beer or coffee in a neat place and talk about what´s in and out here. Duration: negotiable

The local guide prices start from 30 €/ hour/ per person. Extra costs (like entrance fees) vary and are charged in the final price.


Haluatko isännödä retkiämme? Otamme myös ajatuksia ja ideoita vastaan kävelykierroksista! Ota yhteyttä ja niin keskustellaan lisää!