Nuuksio National Park Forest

Oh, we are one of the best!

At least this is what Lonely Planet thinks, as we could read in the news just a few days ago. Finland was given a very honorable mention as Lonely Planet put it among the top three most interesting travel destinations for 2017. What a treat!

What is even more flattering is that Finland is also the only European country on the Lonely Planet´s Best in travel 2017 top ten list.

Finland´s main attraction among the travellers is, by no doubt, nature, as it has been for a long time. Did you know that we have 22 national parks for everyone to enjoy? Hop´n Shake Helsinki Tours offers one way of enjoying the clean, beautiful nature in the Nuuksio National Park which is situated close to the metropolitan area and is reachable by public transport.

Finland celebrates its 100 years of independency in 2017 and this makes the country a well worth visit.

Check out what Lonely Planet says and visit Finland!

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